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Annual Weather Reports

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MeasureValue (anomaly)Day
Lowest Temperature-5.4 °C.28th Feb
Highest Temperature33.9 °C.26th July
Mean Temperature9.7 °C (+1.1).
Mean Minimum6.7 °C (+0.8).
Mean Maximum12.9 °C (+1.4).
Highest Minimum19.3 °C.27th July
Lowest Maximum-1.8 °C.28th Feb
Coldest Day-4.1 °C.28th Feb
Warmest Day26.5 °C.26th July
Coldest Month3.3 °C (-1.6)Feb
Warmest Month21.7 °C (+3.8)July
Most -ve anom Month3.3 °C (-1.6)Feb
Most +ve anom Month21.7 °C (+3.8)July


MeasureValue (anomaly)Day
Total Rain347.8 mm (0%).
Wettest Day15.2 mm.13th July
Rain Days100..
Rain Days >1.0 mm63 (-50).
Mean Rain-day rain3.5 mm..
Max Rain rate**30 mm/h.4th March
Wettest hour5.2 mm.4th March
Wettest Month65.4 mm (0%)Jan
Driest Month0.8 mm (0%)June

Wind Speed

MeasureValue (anomaly)Day
Mean Wind speed3.7 mph (-0.9).
Maximum Gust49.5 mph.3rd Jan
Maximum Speed28.8 mph.3rd Jan
Calmest Day1.0 mph.5th July
Windiest Day12.6 mph.3rd Jan
Windy Days (>25 mph gusts)77..
Mode DirectionSW..
Calmest Month3.6 mph (-0.7)July
Windiest Month6.6 mph (+1.4)Jan

Relative Humidity

Lowest RH24%.23rd June
Highest RH98%.4th Jan
Mean RH56%..
Mean Minimum43%..
Mean Maximum67%..
Highest Minimum93%.11th Jan
Lowest Maximum63%.2nd July
Lowest Mean43%.2nd July
Highest Mean95%.11th Jan
Least Humid Month62%.July
Most Humid Month85%.Jan

Dew Point

Lowest Dew Point-11.9 °C.30th Aug
Highest Dew Point20.9 °C.0th July
Mean Dew Point6.1 °C..
Mean Minimum4.2 °C..
Mean Maximum7.9 °C..
Highest Minimum15.6 °C.20th Aug
Lowest Maximum-5.0 °C.28th Feb
Lowest Mean-6.8 °C.28th Feb
Highest Mean17.0 °C.26th July
Least Humid Month0.0 °C.Feb
Most Humid Month13.5 °C.July


Lowest Pressure426 hPa.30th Aug
Highest Pressure1034 hPa.20th March
Mean Pressure761 hPa..
Lowest month average SLP1002 hPa.March
Highest month average SLP1020 hPa.June

*: Includes snowfall (if recorded), which is manually entered so may take a few days to appear for the current year. NB that rain rate and max in 1hr are incalculable for snow events.
**: Rain rates are manually checked and readjusted from software-given values (within a week or so), so may differ from those quoted during current rain events.

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Measure JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Lowest Temp-0.3 °C.-5.4 °C.-4.8 °C.3.7 °C.3.2 °C.7.9 °C.13.1 °C.6.8 °C.6.8 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Highest Temp12.9 °C.10.6 °C.14.5 °C.28.4 °C.27.8 °C.29.7 °C.33.9 °C.32.2 °C.24.8 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Mean Temp6.4 °C
3.3 °C
6.0 °C
11.5 °C
14.9 °C
17.9 °C
21.7 °C
18.7 °C
16.6 °C
0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Mean Minimum3.9 °C
0.4 °C
3.3 °C
8.1 °C
9.2 °C
12.6 °C
15.9 °C
13.9 °C
12.5 °C
0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Mean Maximum8.9 °C
5.9 °C
9.0 °C
15.1 °C
20.4 °C
23.5 °C
27.2 °C
23.3 °C
21.1 °C
0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Total Rain65.4 mm
29.8 mm
59.0 mm
52.6 mm
35.4 mm
0.8 mm
33.2 mm
64.6 mm
7.0 mm
0.0 mm.0.0 mm.0.0 mm.
Wettest Day11.6 mm.7.6 mm.10.6 mm.12.2 mm.14.8 mm.0.2 mm.15.2 mm.13.8 mm.2.8 mm.0.0 mm.0.0 mm.0.0 mm.
Rain Days18.
Mean Wind spd6.6 mph
5.8 mph
6.0 mph
5.4 mph
3.7 mph
4.3 mph
3.6 mph
4.0 mph
5.2 mph
0.0 mph.0.0 mph.0.0 mph.
Maximum Gust49.5 mph.33.4 mph.35.7 mph.35.7 mph.26.5 mph.26.5 mph.39.1 mph.33.4 mph.40.3 mph.0.0 mph.0.0 mph.0.0 mph.
Lowest RH59%.47%.42%.25%.28%.24%.27%.25%.34%.0%.0%.0%.
Highest RH98%.96%.96%.97%.97%.94%.95%.96%.97%.0%.0%.0%.
Mean RH85%.80%.81%.78%.71%.68%.62%.72%.74%.0%.0%.0%.
Lowest Dew Pt-2.1 °C.-9.3 °C.-8.4 °C.-3.8 °C.-0.2 °C.0.7 °C.6.3 °C.-11.9 °C.5.3 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Highest Dew Pt11.2 °C.9.6 °C.11.3 °C.14.7 °C.19.8 °C.17.3 °C.20.9 °C.18.8 °C.17.7 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Mean Dew Point4.0 °C.0.0 °C.2.9 °C.7.3 °C.9.1 °C.11.4 °C.13.5 °C.13.2 °C.11.5 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.0.0 °C.
Lowest Pressure989 hPa.996 hPa.986 hPa.993 hPa.1004 hPa.1010 hPa.1004 hPa.426 hPa.997 hPa.0 hPa.0 hPa.0 hPa.
Highest Pressure1032 hPa.1032 hPa.1034 hPa.1030 hPa.1030 hPa.1032 hPa.1028 hPa.1026 hPa.1027 hPa.0 hPa.0 hPa.0 hPa.
Mean Pressure1010 hPa.1017 hPa.1002 hPa.1011 hPa.1018 hPa.1020 hPa.1017 hPa.1017 hPa.1018 hPa.0 hPa.0 hPa.0 hPa.
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