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Latest Skycam Image

The camera is a Logitech C300 and is looking NE over Hampstead Heath (see map).

Latest Webcam

The image is updated automatically: every minute from approximately surise to sunset (see times), and every 5 minutes otherwise.

Javascript is required for the automatic updates

A self-contained version is also available.

Latest Groundcam Image

The camera is a Microsoft Lifecam VX-2000 and is looking NNE over Hampstead Heath (see map).

Latest Groundcam

The image updates every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Skycam Timelapses

Two are available: a higher quality, slower video of the last hour, created hourly at 5 minutes past the hour;
or a sped-up one for the entire day, updated every 10 minutes.

NB: There is also a higher quality video of the all-day timelapse, created nightly at 22:05 BST. The latest version is available for download here

Last Hour (daylight only) Last 24hrs
Sorry, your browser doesn't support the embedding of multimedia.

If Last Hour video does not show: Launch file in external media player (right-click to save).
Or Download Firefox plugin (Windows only).

Archive: The shorter versions are available here.
The high-quality, extended full-day timelapses are available on request.

Skycam images from the last 24 hours

A higher resolution version is also available.

Webcam summary
See full archive (starting 01/08/10).
NB: Some a.m. images may be blurred due to condensation; an absent image means conditions were too dark to record anything useful.