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Detailed Wind Data


Gust 3.0 mph
Speed 4.5 mph
10-min Speed 4.4 mph
30-min Speed 4.3 mph
1hr Speed 3.3 mph
Beaufort Speed Force 2
10-min Bft Force 2
--- ---
Direction SW
10-min Direction SW
30-min Direction SW
1hr Direction SW
24hr Direction WSW
--- ---
Day Average Speed 4.4 mph
Week Average Speed 7.9 mph
Month Average Speed       5.1 mph (+1.2)
Year Average Speed       4.9 mph (+0.3)
Day Average Direction WSW
Month Average Direction SW

Current Day/Month/Year Records

Max Gust Last Minute 6.9 mph 06:45
Max Gust Last 10-mins 9.0 mph N/A
Max Gust Last Hour 11.0 mph 06:31
Max Gust Today 15.0 mph 01:55
Max Gust Yesterday 41.4 mph 15:10
Max Gust this Week 40.3 mph Sat
Max Gust this Month 41.4 mph Day 21
Max Gust this Year 50.0 mph 3rd Jan
--- --- ---
Max Speed Today 10.1 mph 03:24
Max Speed Yesterday 27.1 mph 15:54
Max Speed this Week 25.3 mph Sat
Max Speed this Month 27.1 mph Day 21
Max Speed this Year 31.5 mph 18th Jan
--- hi --- ---
Max 10-min Gust Last 12hrs 15.4 mph N/A
Max 10-min Gust Last 24hrs 28.8 mph N/A

All-time Records

Highest Wind Gust 50.0 mph 3rd Jan 2018
Highest Wind Speed 31.5 mph 18th Jan 2018
Calmest Day (24h mean) 0.0 mph 15th Aug 2016
Windiest Day (24h mean) 17.3 mph 7th May 2015
Calmest Month 1.5 mph Aug 2016
Windiest Month 10.4 mph March 2016
--- --- ---
Highest September Gust 57.5 mph Day 4, 2015
Highest September Speed 25.3 mph Day 21, 2018
Calmest September Day 0.8 mph Day 27, 2014
Windiest September Day 10.8 mph Day 12, 2011
Calmest September 0.0 mph 2016
Windiest September 5.2 mph 2018
--- --- ---
Highest 22nd Sep Gust 57.5 mph 2014
Highest 22nd Sep Speed 13.8 mph 2010
Calmest 22nd Sep 1.7 mph 2014
Windiest 22nd Sep 6.0 mph 2009

Note 1: Valid wind records began in August 2009.
Note 2: Figures in brackets refer to departure from average conditions.

A note on "Speed" vs. "Gust": "Speed" is the windspeed sampled over a one minute period, "Gust" is the windspeed sampled over a 14 second period.

September Windrose

2018 Windrose

windrose month windrose year

Wind Energy

Wind Energy
This shows the number of hours that each wind speed has been reached.
For generating energy with a turbine, an average of >4m/s is generally required for local use, and >6m/s for grid use,
so this location is unlikely to be suitable for either.

NB: Daily wind speed maxima & averages for the current year (and all other years on record) can be viewed here