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Automatic data recording began at the beginning of February 2009, so this is when the daily and monthly reports start. This is similarly true for the annual tables for dew point, pressure and relative humidity; but both the rain and temperature reports have been extended back to January 2009, whilst the wind reports don't begin until August 2009. The same is true of the corresponding summary tables.
The reasons for this, and other occasional data absences, are generally displayed on the relevant page under the data table, though a full history of the weather station can also be viewed here.

All of the historical pages make use of automatically-generated raw daily data reports, which are produced for the current day at 00:11 the following day. Any errors that appear are generally corrected within a few days, but please report errors via the contact page if you notice any.

Other Historical Data pages

An old-style daily breakdown of the figures for each day of the current month is available here:
Summary for this month

Graphical Archive

24hr Daily Graphs
Daily Webcam Image Summaries

Highly-detailed Daily and Monthly Spreadsheet-based Analysis (starting Feb '09)

I have also produced spreadsheets containing a much more detailed anaylsis of every day and month for which I have recorded data with this weather station.
These give a better idea of how anomalous the conditions were, as the figures are compared to the long-term averages of nearby Met Office sites.
Each year has a spreadsheet for monthly summaries, and another for day-by-day monthly analysis:

These have now stopped as I am in the process of fully converting to web-based reports.
News of these will be relayed here at the earliest opportunity (probably sometime in early July).
Update (30 Sep) Apologies for the delay. The process is ongoing, but please see the latest blog post for more information.

Daily Data 2012 (.xls, 2.8MB, last updated: 04/04/12)
Monthly Data 2012 available on request

Daily Data 2011 (.xls, 4.0MB, last updated: 02/01/12)
Monthly Data 2011 (.xls, 5.0MB, last updated: 02/01/12)

Daily Data 2010 (.xls, 3.9MB, last updated: 05/01/11)
Monthly Data 2010 (.xls, 5.5MB, last updated: 05/01/11)

Daily Data 2009 (.xls, 3.2MB, last updated: 01/01/10)
Monthly Data 2009 (.xls, 4.5MB, last updated: 01/01/10)

NB: Data from before July 2010 was recorded at a different site a few miles north of this one, but with the same setup, aside from an absence of wind data.
Prior to February 2009, a different weather station was used, collecting only temperature records, but reports are not available for this period.
A full discussion of changes to the weather station and its setup/location can be found here.