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NW3 Weather is a meteorological observation site located near Hampstead, in North London, UK.
The site was established with an automatic, server-linked personal weather station in July 2010 and runs continuously.
Live data is updated at least once a minute, graphs and other data every 5 minutes. More info can be found on the About page.

Live Weather

Data recorded at 20:49:55 GMT
Measure Current - ? s ago Max/Min Rate 24hr mean
icontemp Temperature 8.9 °C   falling 12.4 °C at 14:09
3.3 °C at 05:37
-0.9 °C /hr
+0.7 °C /24hr
7.9 °C
iconhumi Relative Humidity 61%   rising 76% at 06:51
40% at 14:49
+7% /hr
+11% /24hr
icondewp Dew Point 1.8 °C   rising 1.8 °C at 20:48
-1.7 °C at 00:54
+0.9 °C /hr
+3.4 °C /24hr
-0.5 °C
iconpres Pressure 1019 hPa   falling 1021 hPa at 14:49
1012 hPa at 00:39
-2 hPa /hr
+10 hPa /24hr
1018 hPa
iconwind Wind 6.9 mph   SSW
Gusting to 3.3 mph
Max Speed: 10.5 mph
Max Gust: 15.6 mph
Max Hr Gust: 10.5 mph
Bft: Gentle breeze (F3)
4.9 mph
W (263°)
iconrain Rainfall 0.0 mm   Max Rate: null
Max Hourly: null
Rate: 0.0 mm/h
Last 10 mins: 0.0 mm
0.0 mm
Day Temp Range:
9.1 °C
Feels Like:
6.6 °C (Daily Min: -0.9 °C)
10-min Av. Wind:
5.3 mph SSW
Hour Rain:
0.0 mm
Month Rain:
15.3 mm
Last Rain:
33 hours ago
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Latest Monthly Weather Report

February 2015

Overall, the month was close to average, with a mean of 4.8 °C (-0.1 °C from the LTA).
The absolute low was -2.3 °C, and the highest 11.3 °C.
Came in a little wetter than the long-term average, at 44.3 mm (+11%) across 15 days of recordable rain. The most rainfall recorded in a single day (starting at midnight) was 6.5 mm. The cumulative annual total for 2015 now stands at 120.0 mm (+26%) from 38 rain days.
A normal month, with 74 hrs (-1%) from a possible 249.
22 days had more than a minute of sunshine, the maximum being 9 hrs.
Winter Events
There were 3 days of falling snow or sleet (2 below the LTA), and 5 air frosts (-2).
1 day of lying snow at 09z were observed (-2), with a max depth of 2 cm.
Other Events
There were no days of hail, 0 of thunder, 0 with fog at 09z. no days had >10 mm of rain, and 1 with gusts >30 mph.

All long-term climate averages are with respect to the period 1971-2000.   View full report

2014 Weather Report

2014 was the sixth year of records for this weather station, and the fourth complete year in its current location in nw3.
It was the wettest of these, with a 31% excess compared to the expected long-term climatic average. Five of the top-ten wettest days across all six years fell in 2014's Aug-Nov period alone, which also contains the overall wettest day, the 13th Oct 2014, with 41 mm. For the first time, more than half of days had some measurable rainfall, whilst January had just one complete dry day all month.

Despite this, 2014 was both the warmest and sunniest in my records. The mean temperature was 1.3 C above average (Across England the anomaly was similar, and moreover 2014 was the warmest year in 357 years of records). August was the only month to come in below average, while Jan-Apr all came at least two degrees above. For the first time, there was absolutely no snowfall, and the year had the fewest air frosts on record.

For the website, nw3weather saw its busiest year since launching in Sep 2010, with 75,000 visits (up from 63,000 in 2013), giving a mean figure of 206 per-day. The median was 188, since busy days (commonly very wet or windy days) skew the figure. The most in a single day was 600 on 14th Feb, a wet and extremely windy day (50 mph gusts). The fewest was 106 on 6th Sep, a quiet and overcast Saturday.
Looking ahead to 2015, this should see the completion of back-end website upgrades, with only minor UI and informational changes.

Summary of Data

Mean 12.3 C (+1.3 C from the LTA). Absolute Min and Max: -1.4 C (30th Dec), and 31.2 C (18th Jul).
Total: 815.2 mm (+31%) across 185 days (51%) of recordable rain.
Highest daily (starting at midnight) total: 40.7 mm (13th Oct).
Wettest Month: 141.5 mm across 30 days (Jan). Driest: 22.9 mm (Mar); Least Rainy: 5 days (Sep).
Total: 1599 hrs (+9%) from a possible 4038.
Days with more than a minute of sunshine: 322 days (88%).
Winter Events
There were no days of falling snow or sleet (20 below the LTA), and 7 air frosts (-19).
Other Events
There were 2 days of hail, 14 with thunder, and 1 with fog at 09z.

These pages are useful for comparing all aspects of the weather across the years .

Updated: 10th Jan 2015

This weather station has been recording data for 2245 days (1713 at NW3)