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NW3 Weather is a meteorological observation site located near Hampstead, in North London, UK.
The site was established with an automatic, server-linked personal weather station in July 2010 and runs continuously.
Live data is updated at least once a minute, graphs and other data every 5 minutes. More info can be found on the About page.

Live Weather

Data recorded at 04:00:03 BST
Measure Current - ? s ago Max/Min Rate 24hr mean
icontemp Temperature 6.0 °C   falling 9.2 °C at 00:01
6.0 °C at 04:00
-0.6 °C /hr
-4.2 °C /24hr
12.0 °C
iconhumi Relative Humidity 78%   steady 78% at 03:50
71% at 00:09
+1% /hr
-4% /24hr
icondewp Dew Point 2.5 °C   steady 4.2 °C at 00:01
2.5 °C at 03:51
-0.4 °C /hr
-4.8 °C /24hr
7.3 °C
iconpres Pressure 1020 hPa   steady 1023 hPa at 03:45
1018 hPa at 00:51
-2 hPa /hr
-3 hPa /24hr
1020 hPa
iconwind Wind 3.5 mph   WNW
Gusting to 5.5 mph
Max Speed: 7.1 mph
Max Gust: 10.5 mph
Max Hr Gust: 10.5 mph
Bft: Light breeze (F2)
6.9 mph
WSW (252°)
iconrain Rainfall 0.0 mm   Max Rate: null
Max Hourly: null
Rate: 0.0 mm/h
Last 10 mins: 0.0 mm
0.2 mm
Day Temp Range:
3.2 °C
Feels Like:
4.2 °C (Daily Min: 2.7 °C)
10-min Av. Wind:
3.4 mph WNW
Hour Rain:
0.0 mm
Month Rain:
0.2 mm
Last Rain:
10 hours ago
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Latest Monthly Weather Report

April 2016

Overall, the month was close to average, with a mean of 9.0 °C (+0.1 °C from the LTA).
The absolute low was 0.9 °C, and the highest 17.3 °C.
Came in close to the long-term average, at 50.5 mm (+3%) across 19 days of recordable rain. The most rainfall recorded in a single day (starting at midnight) was 21.1 mm. The cumulative annual total for 2016 now stands at 223.7 mm (+19%) from 70 rain days.
A slightly sunny month, with 152 hrs (+11%) from a possible 376.
29 days had more than a minute of sunshine, the maximum being 12.8 hrs.
Winter Events
There was 1 day of falling snow or sleet (1 below the LTA), and no air frosts (-1).
no days of lying snow at 09z were observed (+-0), with a max depth of 0 cm.
Other Events
There were no days of hail, 2 of thunder, 0 with fog at 09z. 1 day had >10 mm of rain, and 3 with gusts >30 mph.

All long-term climate averages are with respect to the period 1971-2000.   View full report

This weather station has been recording data for 2647 days (2116 at NW3)