Europe, Summer 2012

Photos of April showers in London, a May hail shower in Cambridge, a Tuscan August sunset, and rainbows/clouds in Norwegian September.
In London, a very warm and sunny March gave way to a cool and very wet April. May through september yielded a mixed bag, though a notable cool, wet June.

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18th April, NW3 rainbow, one of many in a very wet and showery month

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18th April, NW3 double rainbow, the second of the day

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19th April, NW3 storm clouds over the Heath. Very few dry days that month

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15th May, Cambridge hail shower. The showery weather continued into May, though the month was drier

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15th May, Cambridge hail shower, close-up

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21st August, Tuscan sunset. It was a wet summer in NW3, but much drier in Italy

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7th September, Norwegian rainbow. Near Bergen, a famously wet place of Europe

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7th September, Norwegian rainbow 2. In the hills

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9th September, Norway. Low clouds over a fjord in Flam

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