Initial, East Finchley 2009

The weather station after setup in an East Finchley back garden in August 2009. Since initial setup using the manufacturer-supplied equipment in Feb 2009, I sought to build some more professional housing and mounting points for the various sensors. After several weeks of research and finally construction using a mixture of purchased (~£120) and salvaged components, the project was complete.

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Radiation shield housing the thermo/hygro sensor, and mounted rain gauge

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Wind sensor and UV sensor (which broke only a few months later) mounted on 6m alloy pole bracketed to the house

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Rain gauge close-up showing funnel modification. Mounted high to minimise rain shadow

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Radiation shield interior with primary T/H sensor

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Full view of the front of the radiation shield

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View from the back, showing secondary T/H sensors and hacky wood flaps needed because I put the roof too high

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Wind sensor on a sunny day

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Weather station main console and wireless receiving unit. All data comes through here then on to the weather server

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