Ageing, 2010-2013

Some rather blurry shots of the weather station gradually decaying due to constant weathering. I should remember in future to take more frequent, higher quality photos to show the ageing process. The next album (refurb) has some good shots of the extent of the final decay.

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July 2010 - one year after being built, some cracks in the paint are just about evident

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Aug 2010 - The hacky roof flaps are not pretty but do the job

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Dec 2010 - covered in snow

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April 2011 - A few more cracks on the badly-cut roof rear-edge

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April 2012 - Ironmongery rusting and further roof cracks

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July 2013 - The decay continues

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July 2013 - Skew base is evident, despite the efforts of that reinforcement bracket

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