New Davis sensors, Sept 2017

The original weather station was an OS WMR-200. By 2017 two of three sensors had failed and reliabilty was an ongoing problem. I therefore bought a new, better weather station, a Davis VP2, and installed its sensors. I also took the opportunity to clean and re-paint the radiation shield
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New sensors ready to go

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Temperature/humidity close-up. These sensors are meant to be more accurate

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Dismantling the old sensors. Thank god for ratcheting screwdrivers

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Accumulation of rust, mold, and dead insects in the old rain gauge; no wonder it failed

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Discard pile. So long. It's been fun

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Radiation shield ready to be cleaned and re-painted. It is now 3.5 years old (the walls are 8 years old)

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Old wind sensor removed from the pole. This failed in Feb 2016 ;(

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New wind sensor up and spinning. I didn't have the right u-bolt so had to cable-tie it to the pole :pray:

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Installing the new T/H sensor on support post, which will be secured inside the box

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Installing "Integrated Sensor Suite" (solar-powered transmitter to which all sensors are connected via phone cables)

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Close-up of new rain gauge and ISS. Will paint it glossy white next year (rain prevented that this time)

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Fully-installed wind sensor (there's a cable running all down the pole, along the roof, and into the ISS)

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Fully-installed rain, and temperature and humidity sensors, with transmitter. Just in time before the rain struck

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New console which receives data wirelessly from the transmitter every three seconds

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Close-up of rain gauge and transmitter in the rain. Birds beware, those spikes are sharp

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Action shot: a tense moment as the 6m wind sensor pole is carefully lowered

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Raising the pole with new sensor attached

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